3D phone case for Sunsumg S4

3D phone case for Sunsumg S4

Model No.︰YXD-S4Case

Brand Name︰Yuxunda

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description


1. Slim, form-fitting design encases your phone perfectly and finish for a refined, stylish appearance

2. Durable one-piece shell protects from scratches

3. Shell covering the back and around of phone

4. Replacement for phone case without taking off machine set for each function key hole reserved

5. Non-toxic, environmental friendly and no harm to human body


This product is really very popular in the market, no matter young people or people of middle age, etc.

should you interested in it, pls feel free to contact me!


Making Process:
1. Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
2. Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink
3. Stick the imaged paper on the polymer case surface by heat resistant tape. 
4. Add the cover to the metal tool, and then use the 3D machine to transfer the image directly.
5. Tear off the image paper and cool it for some time.
6. Add the polymer case to your cellphone.
7. Enjoy your personal designed 3D Phone case!

Packing︰ PE

Specifications︰ 1. Polymer Phone case
2. Special Cover for cell phone

Advantages︰ 3D Phone case is printable directly, which can be printed side edges too. No need adhesive or aluminum sheet any more.

The model shall be provided with Metal Tool for 3D Phone Case, and the picture is more amazing.