ICISS for LC113/115/117 with ARC

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Product Description

YXD-LC103 RC LC103BK  100ml WITH ARC Brother:MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4610DW 
North America
LC103 C 70ml 
LC103 M  70ml 
LC103 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC107/5 RC LC107BK  100ml
LC105 C 70ml 
LC105 M  70ml 
LC105 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC113 RC LC113BK  100ml WITH ARC Brother:DCP-J4210N,MFC-J4510N 
LC113 C 70ml 
LC113 M  70ml 
LC113 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC117/5 RC LC117BK  100ml
LC115 C 70ml 
LC115 M  70ml 
LC115 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC123 RC LC123BK  100ml WITH ARC Brother:DCP-J4110DW,MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4610DW,MFC-J4710DW   Europe
LC123 C 70ml 
LC123 M  70ml 
LC123 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC127/5 RC LC127BK  100ml
LC125 C 70ml 
LC125 M  70ml 
LC125 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC133 RC LC133BK  100ml WITH ARC Brother:DCP-J4110DW,MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4710DW  Oceania
LC133 C 70ml 
LC133 M  70ml 
LC133 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC137/5 RC LC137BK  100ml
LC135 C 70ml 
LC135 M  70ml 
LC135 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC563 RC LC563BK  100ml WITH ARC Brother:MFC-J2510,MFC-J2310  Asia
LC563 C 70ml 
LC563 M  70ml 
LC563 Y 70ml 
YXD-LC567/5 RC LC567BK  100ml
LC565 C 70ml 
LC565 M  70ml 
LC565 Y 70ml 

Packing︰ white box, color box, customer's design is acceptable
Specifications︰ ICISS for LC103 LC105 LC107 LC113 LC115 LC117 LC123 LC125 LC127 LC133 LC135 LC137 LC563 LC565 LC567

For use in the following printer:
LC103 LC105 LC107: MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4610DW
LC113 LC115 LC117: DCP-J4210N,MFC-J4510N
LC123 LC125 LC127: DCP-J4110DW,MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4610DW,MFC-J4710DW
LC133 LC135 LC137: DCP-J4110DW,MFC-J4410DW,MFC-J4510DW,MFC-J4710DW
LC563 LC565 LC567: MFC-J2510,MFC-J2310
Advantages︰ ♥ With ARC
♥ 100% satisfied quality guaranteed, as We have profesionally trained QC staff and pre-test to ensure that all our products are defect-free
♥ The iciss all are designed for high-capacity.no leaking ,vivid color ,smoothly printing quality same as original ones
♥ Auto reset chips installed
♥ Convenient installation method and technical support offered anytime
♥ More than 10 years experience on the CISS field

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