HP5000/5500 Compatible Cartridge

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Product Description

Usage Method
1. Install it as the normal way
2. Pls do not install three sets cartridge continuously , if need to replace it , pls closed the power then intall it again
3.When filling the ink, pls try your best to use identical ink which comes from the same company

Specifications︰ 1.HPP81:
C4930A 680ML/C4931A /680MLC4932A 680ML/C4933A 680ML/C4934A 680ML/C4935A 680ML
C4940A 680ML/C4941A /680MLC4942A 680ML/C4943A 680ML/C4944A 680ML/C4945A 680ML
Advantages︰ No break the printer, no replace the cartridge , saving the cost greatly.And its materies is P.P , it resists caustic substance and be suitable for series of ink ,such as dye, pigment,UV, solvent, sublimation ink

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