Automatic Sublimation Transfer

Automatic Sublimation Transfer

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Product Description

1, Power on, adjust to proper timer, temperature and pressure.

2. When reach proper temperature, adjust switch to " manual " position, try to transfer the product, when quality is good, change to " automatism " position, then batch production.

3.When the switch reach " manual " position, press " manual start-up " heater, timer rise up automatically. If the position is not correct, press " stop urgency ". When switch reach " automatism " position, push the heater to proper position and press downwards automatically.

Note: The whole machine must have the proper firm ground line.

Specifications︰ Voltage: 110V/220V/380V
Power: 9000W
Weight: 180KG
Temperature Rate: 0—399℃
The time control range: 0-99 second
Advantages︰ The machine use the most advanced technology, imported accessory, small volume, exact, safe, high reliability, long longevity;
Digital constant control, high precision, 2 degree disparity;
Control timer by electron exactly;
Use advanced technology to warm heater by oil, liquid warm it equably
Beautiful structure, good conductibility.

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Automatic Sublimation TransferAutomatic Sublimation Transfer