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Specifications︰ Instant PVC card is our new released product,it is composed of three mainly material:
*Material-A:PET,printable material,half transparent;
*Material-B:PVC,white,double side with glue;
*Material-C:PET,non-printable material,half transparent,apply to make single side Instant PVC card;
*Instant PVC card can be made by most of inkjet printer in customized and instantly way.
Advantages︰ *Good for Pigment and Dye ink;
*Vivid color and high resolution photo quality;
*High glossy,water resistant with tight and smooth edge PVC card
*Mirror Image Printing:Reverse printing on the back of Material-A will never touch or scratch the prints from surface.
*Material:PET for Material-A and C,anti scratch and acid;
*Quick,easy,customized and professional to make PVC card,Low investment,high profit:Traditional method(silk screen printing)to make a PVC card have restrict on the minimum quantity.Hot laminator equipment is a general machine which can cost down the equipment investment;
*Protect membrane:there is a protect membrane on the end protect,it can prevent damage during making PVC cards.After tearing off the protector,the PVC card will show up a bright and glossy face.
*Application of Instant PVC card:relief printing/gilding/magnetic card and etc.can be done by using Instant PVC card.printing.Apply to VIP card,IC card,student's identity card,magnetic card,etc.
Application of Instant PVC card in other fields: Instant PVC card can also apply to other fields,like:bridal veil photographic,key tablet,etc,there is no limit size for Instant PVC card.
*Against forge:printing with fluorescence ink can achieved against forge effect.Printed by Fluorescence ink PVC card,seems to be a normal card,but if you put the card under UV light,then you can identify the correct PVC card.

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