Decoder for HP Z6100/6100PS

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Specifications︰ Suit to printer model:
HP Designjet Z6100/6100PS.
Advantages︰ YXD6100 Chip-decoder Instruction
Our Chip-decoder aim at HP6100/6100ps printers, users can use any kind of inks after using our Chip-decoder
1. The characteristics of the product
1) There is no need to replace the product, our product thoroughly simulates the original cartridge, and the chip will automatically work, no serial number needed.
2) To use our product will not affect the user to use the manufacture warranty.
3) Users can change the condition of the cartridge after use our product, and remove the cartridge to refill the ink, the printer will not make the mistake report.
4) Users can use any same size used cartridge, which include HP6100, HP original 5000/5500, HP original 4000, and HP5000/5500 manufactured by third party.
5) When using our product, the printer startup the air pressure control to the cartridge, so it will not affect the use life of the print head.
6) So e the problem of the bad connection between the cartridges and the printer.
7) Users can upgrade to the ink-support system.

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